NewAir Brand Management Co., Ltd.

A leading brand management service supplier in China

We are a manager of brand asset value and problem solver of brand systems

Brand management under normal conditions is based on brand asset value. We help Chinese enterprises establish strong and good brands, so as to lead the future development direction by strategy and activate all the contact points of brand through efficient management.

Work flow: 15 interlocking steps to ensure orderly operation of projects

Brand Asset Value Management Operating System

  • Gain an insight into the brand

    focus on key issues

    Market conditions

    consumption trend

    competitive good eparation


  • Create brand genes

    build an image in consumers’ minds

    Brand personality,

    brand positioning

    brand style

    brand slogan

    super symbol

  • Bring new visual image

    highlight the unique style

    Brand visual image

    brand system packaging

    creative environment display

    3D experience space

  • Carry out brand management

    double the efficiency

    Brand identity management

    brand internal publicity

    brand publicity supplies and materials

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