Shandong NewAir Software Technology Co., Ltd. is a Sino-US joint-venture involved in the mobile Internet. Maintaining long-term cooperation with the excellent software development and operation teams in the USA, Singapore, India, and Taiwan of China, it has been committed to building an elite team with technology and design advantages in the local area with the help of the international perspective, operation experience and development and design strength of its overseas partners, and helping the governments and enterprises to master the pulse of the era in the mobile Internet waves through researching and developing excellent Internet software products which focus on user experience.

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  • Michael(Product Planne)

    from Silicon Valley, the USA

    I have designed and developed an operation management system for a plurality of American catering companies. The system not only solves many problems in traditional catering, but also changes the eating habit of the American consumers.

  • Maulik(Software Engineer)

    from Mumbai, India

    I graduated from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology. I am proficient in big data analysis and application. I developed a user behavior analysis system for the e-commerce industry of India, which realizes the directional and accurate push towards the terminal.

  • Anna(UI Designer)

    from Singapore

    I designed a full set of teaching systems for a famous university in Singapore. The trendiest APP interface design idea in combination with course setting realized interactive experience, enhanced the using effects and improved the learning efficiency.

  • Jason(Product Manager)

    from Jinan, China

    I have accurate insight into the international market condition and a deep understanding of customers’ demands. I can provide comprehensive scheme services with the international perspective highly consistent with personalized custom through integrating the superior resources of NewAir Software.

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