NewAir Bestseller Publishing & Urban Brand Creativity R & D Center

Focusing on creating core value with culture, building a diversified publishing platform;

Based on urban brand creativity R & D, elevating urban comprehensive competitiveness.

Relying on 17 years of rich resources and professional strength in the media field accumulated by NewAir Group, NewAir Bestseller Publishing & Urban Brand Creativity R & D Center focuses on three business sections: diversified publishing, urban operation and cultural and creative product development, and strives to be China’s first-rate bestseller publishing service provider based on urban brand creativity R & D.

Pragmatic Creation, Advantaged Publication

The publishing team of NewAir Bestseller has experienced members engaged in book planning, text creation, creative design, publication and distribution. All team members have rich publishing experience, and regard “Pragmatic Creation” as the core competiveness. Before book creation, according to customers’ demands, the team will carry out a lot of field interviews and filming work, and collect and prepare materials focusing on the subjects of books in the early stage to truly achieve pragmatic creation and customization.

Promotion and Communication, Publishing “Ultimate Effect”

NewAir Bestseller Publishing has strong online and offline sales channels and platforms, develops marketing schemes according to publishing demands and book information, and carries out effective secondary communication of publications via sales promotion activities so as to provide all-around value-added services for such multidimensional publishers as governments, enterprises and individuals, and to establish “ultimate effect” in publishing.

City Operation, Assisting the Government in Elevating Comprehensive Competitiveness of the City

NewAir is familiar with city brand creativity R & D. Through interpreting cities by means of interviews, symposia, discussions, investigations, NewAir carries out overall planning, publicity and promotion of city culture and city tourism brands. It has successfully planned and created a number of city culture and tourism publicity products, such as Top 10 Cultural Tourist Destinations Series Guidebooks, 100 Tips for Civilized Tourism in Shandong, 100 Tips for Civilized Hospitality, Postcards of Top 10 Cultural Tourist Destinations in Shandong, Go to the Countryside—100 Tourist Destinations in Shandong and so on for the Shandong Provincial Commission for Tourism Development, the Publicity Department of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee, the tourism committees (bureaus) of 17 prefecture-level cities of Shandong, the publicity departments of the CPC municipal committees of 17 prefecture-level cities, and so forth. At the 6th Shandong Cultural Industries Fair in 2016, as part of the important city culture display, the “Interesting Jinan” cultural product series created by the Center received high acclaim from Guo Shuqing, then provincial governor of Shandong and deputy secretary of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee.

Cultural and Creative Products, Creating Cultural Value via Cross-border R & D

To develop the cultural and creative industry and cultural and creative products, carry forward excellent Chinese culture and elevate national soft power, the Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Further Enhancing Cultural Heritage Work (G.F. (2016) No.17) was issued in 2016. On this basis, NewAir Bestseller Publishing & Urban Brand Creativity R & D Center further accelerates creative product R & D. The fundamental starting point of such products as original urban tourist souvenirs, corporate customized gifts, government publicity gifts, etc. is originally design and customer demand. In addition, with the help of its WeChat public platform “Shichengji” (Pick up the Traces of the City) and the “Shichengji” online mall for secondary product sales, the Center has successfully created urban souvenirs for such cities as Jinan, Weifang, Yantai, Tai’an and Qufu, and customized corporate publicity gifts for lots of enterprises.

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